Keep them coming back with your brand on their mind! Check out some great options for identifying flavors on your brewing and serving equipment – easy to use and reuse, durable and coordinated to boast your brand! Don’t see what you want? We’ll listen and we’ll create an ideal solution to meet your unique needs.

Hang Tags

Plastic flavor identifiers custom printed to your brand specifications that hang from bead chain like a necklace.

Hook & Tags

Durable branded plastic flavor identifiers hang from the face of your pumpskin on a hook that we supply. Super simple to change out and very durable.

Removable Decals

Peel the liner and adhere these branded decals to any server. They remove easily, leaving no adhesive behind. Economical, not typically reusable.


Flavor labels that cling without adhesive and remove easily. We print a cling receptive panel on your pumpskins. We can also provide you with storage solutions to keep your clings clean and reusable.


Super reusable, branded and durable magnet system – your pumpskin comes with a magnet-receptive panel so you can swap out your magnetic flavor identifiers easily. (Most servers are not ferrous.)

Dry Erase

We produce your pumpskin with any size or shape of Dry Erase area. Write-in, and change, flavor names as desired.


Let us provide you with either a printed or clear plastic appliance that will hang over your sight gauge. Simply affix your branded flavor identifiers to the appliance with magnetic, cling, or removable decals.

Clear Appliance & Printed Appliances

Magnetic Labels

A magnetic face allows you to easily swap out beautifully branded magnetic flavor labels.

Cling Labels

The smooth surface of these appliances is perfect for static cling flavor labels.

Removable Decals

Easily apply and remove these eye-catching branded flavor decals.

The coffee and tea industries have driven our innovations over the past 20 + years – we listen to your branding challenges and use our resources to create efficient, durable and beautiful solutions. Let’s work together to promote your product!

No matter which flavor labeling options you choose, pumpskins has you covered!