Flavor Label Solutions

Make sure your customers know about your flavor selection

Keep them coming back with your brand on their mind! Check out some great options for identifying flavors on your brewing and serving equipment – easy to use and reuse, durable and coordinated to boast your brand! Don’t see what you want? We’ll listen and we’ll create an ideal solution to meet your unique needs.

Hang Tags

Hang tags are very durable, rigid plastic labels that hang around your coffee airpots like a necklace. They are custom printed to blend with your pumpskins and overall “look.” As a custom piece, the hang tag can be designed to most any size, shape and color. Precisely drilled holes are inconspicuously threaded with a stainless, beaded chain that drapes over the airpot. Also available to accent your design are custom-colored chains - minimum order requirements.

Hook & Tags

The Hook and Tag system is a unique way to identify your flavors on any coffee or tea dispenser. The tag is made of a durable, rigid plastic that is either screen printed or digitally printed to match your overall motif. Though we have some recommended sizes for better functionality, you can choose to customize the dimensions as well. The custom-made hook is articulated, allowing it to adhere to both curved and flat surfaces – as well as to pumpskins or bare metal. This is an ideal system as the tag conveniently hangs free from consumer interference while smartly complementing your brand.

Removable Decals

A very common method for identifying flavors is with the use of removable decals. These flexible, vinyl labels are a relatively inexpensive way to showcase the contents of your coffee and/or tea dispensers. Imagine your designs printed in rich, vibrant colors - finished to virtually any size or shape – proudly adhered to your pumpskins. It is an extremely reliable system as the decals are made with a low-tack adhesive that securely holds the label in place. When it’s time to remove it, the decal easily peels off leaving no adhesive residue. This is a low-cost solution with high value results.


These labels are very similar to the removable decals except that there is no adhesive. The static cling is our most economical label and very reusable. It will attach to any smooth surface. However, pumpskins are textured. To compensate for this, we screen print static cling clear ink on the surface of the pumpskin as a footprint of the label. This smooths out the texture and allows the label to perfectly adhere to the pumpskin. The clear also acts as a guide for correct label placement every time. We can even help you devise a storage system for those beautifully designed labels.


Our magnetic flavor label system is designed to give you vibrant messaging and ease of use. It is a two-part system that starts with a base magnet that is permanently adhered to the pumpskin. It is a receiver for the actual label and is not removed. We will even make it easy for you by applying these base pieces during the production of your Pumpskins. The label is made of a specialized, flexible material backed by a proprietary metallic coating that makes it very easy to remove and replace. Digitally printed or screen printed, the magnetic flavor label system gives you brand-boasting color and long-term durability.

Dry Erase

Is your style more akin to the “hand-crafted” look? Something that intentionally doesn’t look too refined? You should try our dry erase flavor labeling system. It’s the easiest option we have to offer because there are no labels! Instead, it allows you to be you – sharing your own personality with the world. During production, we print dry-erase clear ink in a designated area on the surface of your pumpskin. This enables you to use a dry-erase marker to note the type of coffee (or tea) in the dispenser. Yes, you write directly on the pumpskin. It works extremely well and is very easy to do. Just make sure you use your best penmanship!