What Are Pumpskins?

Over 20 years ago, Cole Graphic Solutions was faced with a great challenge. A client came to us and asked, can you just make our sticker a little bigger to cover the dings and dents on our stainless steel coffee carafes?Of course, we took this challenge head on and offered our client a unique, one of a kind solution that ultimately led to the unveiling of our product, Pumpskins.

WHAT ARE PUMPSKINS? Pumpskins are the world’s first durable, scratch-resistant plastic overlays that wrap around specific coffee or tea dispensers. Whether permanent or removable, they are custom die-cut to fit coffee or tea equipment like a glove.

WHAT DO PUMPSKINS DO? They make you more money! Smart branding is critical to running a successful business in the highly competitive food service industry. Pumpskins enable our coffee and tea clients to attract customers to their product with beautifully printed, brand-boasting graphics proudly displayed on their coffee and tea equipment.

THERE IS MORE TO THE STORY‚ It’s all about brand recognition and return customers, right? So, just imagine an entire beverage center – decals, flavor labels, and more all with a cohesive, consistent brand appearance that draws the eye of every potential customer. Pumpskins help make every surface a marketing tool.

This solution isn’t limited to just the food and beverage industry. We can create custom products and solutions to fit your needs ‚Äì no matter what industry you’re in. You’ve worked hard to build your brand and we’ll work hard to ensure that it’s remembered!

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