Menu Boards

beautifully printed, simple to install

The menu board should be an easy-to-read map to your cash register. A well-designed menu board benefits both the customer and you. For customers, the quicker they can find what they are looking for, the quicker they can get on with their day. For the operator, faster service means more frequent transactions at the register. It’s a win, win! However, a cluttered, poorly designed or haphazardly thrown together menu board will either confuse your customers, frustrate them or cause them to leave. That benefits no one – it’s a lose, lose.

Our menu boards make it easy for you and your customers. They are beautifully printed, simple to install and as adaptable to change as you desire. They’re designed for ease of editing with virtually no down time, no lost revenue due to outdated pricing and no special training for staff. Pricing and menu items can be changed in seconds. Further, if you ever decide to refresh or re-brand, replacing your entire menu board can be done almost as quickly as changing a price. It’s that easy.

We have a very simple 3-layer design:

  • The bottom layer is a piece of magnetic sheeting. It is cut to your exact dimensions and adheres to your wall, panel or framework you set up.
  • The second layer is the base graphic, digitally printed on a durable, magnetic-receptive material that overlays the bottom magnetic sheeting. This piece is your main graphic and it incorporates your logo, graphic elements, information and any messaging that most likely will not change over time.
  • The third layer (the top) includes pricing, menu items, specials, etc. that do require periodic changes. Very easy to remove and replace, these components visually blend with and magnetically hold to the base graphic to complete your magnificent menu board.

No more channel strips for individual letters and numbers, no more mismatched additions, no reliance on someone’s penmanship and no expensive video equipment that depends on electricity and reliable connectivity. What’s more, our menu boards are rolled up and shipped in manageable boxes. No inflated shipping costs due awkward-sized crates that are easily damaged in transit.

From inception to installation, we make the process and product as simple as possible for you. We believe that using it should be as easy as ordering a drip coffee… from your menu board.