Thermal Dispenser Wraps

The Outside Should Look As Good As the Inside Tastes

Turn your airpot dispensers into unpaid marketing machines for your brand with Pumpskins. Pumpskins are durable, scratch-resistant overlays that are custom fit to your beverage dispensers and brewing equipment. You’ve invested a lot into that equipment, so use it to your advantage. Transform them into around the clock, vibrant billboards. There’s a reason the giant beverage companies put graphics on their machines – advertising sells. Pumpskins give your brand 24/7 advertising, enhanced exposure and long-term benefits for years to come. You know you have a great tasting product, now make it look like one!

Pumpskins Features



Permanent pumpskins are the industry’s first choice – transforming your branding message into durable plastic overlays that adhere fully to the surface of your dispensers. Custom die cut to the dimensions of your specific beverage dispensers, the perfect fit ensures durable, beautiful messaging through years of use.


Removable pumpskins offer the same beautiful reproduction of your branding message but are a snap to put on and take off for those who desire a removable solution. Enjoy limitless flexibility – change out your look as you change your brew or call attention to a short-term promotion or holiday theme.


Don’t want to invest in full color, custom graphics right now, but have equipment that needs refreshing? Basic black pumpskins are a cost-effective way to cover surface damage, add to equipment longevity and maintain a unified look. Wish they were another solid color? Let’s talk.


Our tea-serving customers demanded equal treatment, so we created pumpskins that are specifically die-cut for tea dispensers. Whether they’re round, square, or elliptical, they’re a great surface for displaying your branding message. Remember to complete your new look with matching brewing equipment overlays.