Tea & Iced Coffee Wraps

What are Pumpskins tea & iced coffee wraps?
Pumpskins are great-looking wraps or jackets for coffee and tea dispensers, created by the team who knows how to make brands shine – everywhere! Our tea and ice coffee wraps are durable, scratch-resistant plastic overlays that wrap around your specific coffee or tea dispenser. Available in either permanent or removable form, they are custom die cut to fit your equipment like a glove.

Why choose our tea & iced coffee wraps?
As longtime partners to the beverage industry, the Pumpskins team knows that product competition in fresh brewed tea and ice coffee continues to grow, while advertising budgets continue to shrink.

We also know the wear and tear your dispenser wraps need to stand up to in order to keep your brand looking fresh. We engineered our wraps for tea and ice coffee dispensers with the same properties as our popular Pumpskins for airpots and thermal servers. All of our wraps are made with polycarbonate film, and back-printed with durable UV ink to protect the printed image and deliver a strong, lasting impression.

Pumpskins Tea & Iced Coffee Features:
• Easy to apply
• Durable back printed material
• Easy to clean
• Resistant to tearing and cracking
• Covers dented tea and coffee dispenser equipment for a new look

What lead us to invent our famous Pumpskins tea and coffee wraps?
When the coffee industry moved from glass carafes to stainless steel dispensers in 1991, they found the reflective surface instantly showed unattractive scratches and dents. We listened to our beverage brand partners and developed the idea for a durable, customizable, full-coverage Pumpskin, or “coffee coat” that would keep countertop food and beverage dispensers looking great as well as serving as a “billboard” for their brand. They LOVED IT!

As beverage equipment has evolved over the years, we continue to listen to our partners – equipment manufacturers, coffee roasters, tea brands, and retailers – meeting new challenges and branding new kinds of surfaces. Listening to our clients helped us realized the untapped potential for airpot dispenser coats – but even more important, it opened our eyes to a world of new landscapes for marketing. This service has been successful for 20 years and today we are known industry wide as the leader in coffee and tea branding!

Can you match your tea & iced coffee wraps to our equipment?
Yes! While we have worked with just about every beverage brand and dispenser type known to man, what excites us the most is rising to a new challenge and developing a custom solution – whether in materials, execution, or equipment type – that gets our beverage partner brands noticed in a new way.

Some of the tea & coffee dispenser manufacturers we work with include:

• Aladdin
• Allgo
• Bloomfield
• Brewmatic
• Bunn
• Cecilware
• Choice
• Curtis
• Fetco
• Grindmaster
• Holiday House
• Kenco

• Newco
• Peacock
• Service Ideas
• Shurizjo
• Stanley
• Steelvac
• Technibrew
• Tiger
• Update
• Vollrath
• Zojirushi

We offer much more than just tea and ice coffee wraps. We also offer in-store branding solutions for:
• All types of tea and coffee brewing equipment
• Permanent and temporary tea and coffee branding for in-store environments

Innovative solutions for coffee and tea branding
The Pumpskins team has the vision and experience to bring your beverage brand to new and unexpected places.

Turn retail surfaces into your canvas

Get your brand noticed with a consistent brand image on every surface, from beverage dispensers to equipment and more.

Accessorize your branded coffee airpot
Dress your beverage station to the nines with coffee bibs, creamerskins, rack signage, and more from the branding experts.

Pumpskins is a one-stop resource to maximize your beverage branding In-Store. From the window to the counter and everywhere in between, we have you covered.

What if I don’t know which material is best for my particular tea or iced coffee branding?
You’ve come to the right place! Pumpskins can print on a very broad spectrum of materials and our team has built a considerable knowledge base over our 80+ years. No matter how unique or challenging your circumstances are, providing great beverage branding solutions is what we do. Give us a call today and work directly with our experts to develop the ideal solution for your needs.

What tea and coffee dispenser manufacturers do you work with?
We can engineer Pumpskins® tea and coffee wraps to fit any manufacturer’s airpots, servers, urns, decanters and stainless steel carafes! Not sure who manufactured your existing equipment? Give us a call and let us unravel the mystery!

When you work with Pumpskins, you are choosing an industry-leading innovator

Rather than resting on our previous beverage branding successes, we work with our partners to constantly develop innovative strategies and solutions to keep us – and you – at the forefront of industry trends.

Pumpskins: We have you covered!


Consider the possibilities with customized equipment overlays, creamer skins, signage, pot racks, flavor labels and menu boards, all with your distinctive look.
Coffee Bibs
Flavor Labels
Pot Clips
Rack Signage

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